Name EasyDataTransform 1.3.0
Size 34.90 MB
Mã Hash 88281f24bc7af0146e50267c3ad5c2f7782a4501


Descriptions for Easy Data Transform 1.3.0

Transform your Excel and CSV files without programming with Easy Data Transform.


  • Clean, re-format, merge, dedupe, filter and analyze table and list data on your Mac.
  • Transform your data interactively, step by step using 36 built-in transforms.
  • Transforms thousands of rows in the blink of an eye.
  • No need to upload your sensitive data to a third party server.


CompatibilityOS X 10.10 or later 64-bit

What’s New in Easy Data Transform 1.3.0

  • Easy Data Transform now waits until a period of inactivity before processing any changes made in the Right pane.
  • Improved handling of some edge cases when inputting CSV files.
  • You can now set the Key column and Value column options to the same column for the Spread transform. This is useful if you want to ‘self-spread’ a column.
  • Previously when a transform was disconnected and then reconnected, the options were not always correctly set. This is now fixed.
  • Other minor improvements.
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